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This C-47 has been built circa 1944 by Douglas in Long Beach. The aircraft was based in USA during the second world war and operated by the 5th Ferry Group. After the war, she was overhauled by Canadair in Cartierville, Canada and took in charge by the Spanish Air Force (T3-34). Purchased during the 80's by Airtech Canada, the aircraft was converted with PZL engines. 

How to build the Demoiselle. 

Demoiselle The Demoiselle was probably the first popular aircraft in the history of the aviation, the one who allowed enthusiasts and early pioneer to embrace the discovery of flight. There was not only one Demoiselle but a serie of aeroplanes designed by Santos-Dumont, the french-brazilian aviation pionneer. In 1910, Santos-Dumont offered his design for free, allowing anybody who wish and enough brave to build and flight it. The U.S. magazine "Popular Mechanics" in the June and July issues of 1910, had two articles by A. E. Joerin and A. Cross titled “How to Build the Famous Demoiselle” with numerous technical drawings. The first article was illustrated with Plates I to III; the second article was illustrated with Plates IV to VI. Popular Mechanics also offered “working drawings” by mail for $2.00, as “Sheets” No. 1 to No. 7 and larger than in the magazine. This is these drawings, more than centenary that we are offering you today to discover.

Vulcan manualThis week, 9 documents for 7 aircraft and engines types have been added: Avro Vulcan Servcice manual, Santos Dumont N20 Demoiselle blueprints and building guide, Farman F.60 bomber, Sea Venom technical information, F9F-8 Cougar flight manual, Yak-18 flight guide and maintenance manual for the de Havilland Gipsy Minor.